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After marriage, my Hindu love interest will allow me to follow my caste

caste system prejudice

The caste system is not from Islam. It is prevalent in the Indian Subcontinent because of Hinduism.

Assalamu alaikum,

I love a non-Muslim boy. He respects me and my caste. So he is ready to follow all our beliefs and accept our caste. We will be doing Nikah.

After marriage, he will allow me to follow my caste and also teach the same to my kids.

Now my question is , his name would remain a Hindu name, is that okay?

This should not be against our Islam, right?


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  1. Hi.. Assalamu alaykum.. I'm just curious. Did u ever tried to ask him to search about Qur'an or atleast just watch in YouTube about who is Allah, what is Islam, who is Prophet Muhammad SAW? How bout his family? Are they nice to you?

  2. Asalamualaykum Roohi,

    I'm sorry, but caste or no caste (there are no castes in Islam), this man is not Islamically lawful to you because he is not a Muslim. If you really want to marry him, you should introduce him to Islam or have your parents do so, and see if he is willing to convert. Ideally, he will convert because he sees for himself the value of Islam and not simply because he wants to marry you.



  3. Salam

    I bet you are not a matured girl.

    Your case is like asking a person who drinks alcohol not to use his left hand as using left hand for eating, drinking etc is haram.

    My dear little sister, you cannot marry a non-muslim guy. You are not allowed so please stop the nikah from happening at any cost. You are worrying about his name now, trust me he will not even allow you to practice your religion after marriage. Please be sensible and matured.

    May Allah be with you and guide yo to the right path, Ameen

  4. Sister Roohi, a Muslim woman CANNOT marry a non-Muslim man. It is not allowed.

    I don't know what you mean when you say, "he is ready to follow all our beliefs and accept our caste." We do not have castes in Islam. That is a Hindu belief, not an Islamic belief. Do you mean that he is ready to convert to Islam? He is ready to take the shahadah, accept Islam, pray namaz (salat), fast in Ramadan, etc? In that case, yes, you can marry him, but only if he is sincere.

    Wael Editor

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