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28 years old and unmarried, why is this happening?

pain heart acheAssalam alaikum. I’m writing this with a very very broken heart. I'm 28 years old and a medical doctor and have been through a lot in seeking a good proposal for marriage purpose. Yet I am still unmarried.

I have prayed so much for it. I don’t know why is it not happening.

Also the mental torture is increasing instead of relieving by so much tahajjud and duas. i guess I just need some condolence and reassurance that whatever Allah has willed will happen and no one can stop it from happening. please tell me that it’s really true and you have experienced it first hand.

a proposal I was highly interested in was stopped by my very near relative. He played a negative role indirectly by telling them that we are not interested and telling us that they are not interested and I can’t seem to get over it or seem to forgive him.

- Annon sis

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  1. Dear sister in Islam,
    No worries at all. That is normal. You will be given a chance in shaa Allah
    Whenever you will get that chance get a court marriage. It is natural for humans to get sexually frustrated.
    Allah knows the best.
    Best regards.

  2. Keep praying when the time which Allah destined to get you husband you must get him it's all about time never give up

    • My Dear sister

      First of all you must congradulate yourself for your achievements in life. MashaAllaj you are a doctor and Allah has blessed you with Eaman.consider yourself blessed that you are able to do your Ibaadat (Allahamdollillah).

      Don’t lose hope in Allah’s blessings,marriage is one of the blessings.
      You will get the husband you are destined to, no one can take it away from you. Even the relative who sabotaged knowingly or unknowingly he will have consequences. Allah has plans for all of us much better then ours, what he knows we don’t know, suppose you got married to this person and it didn’t work & you end in a bad marriage, believe me a bad marriage is like a life long disease and it leaves you with scar for life so please thanks Allah that it got removed from you without you having to go through the trial.please continue with your Gratitudes to Allah.

      You are only 28 dear which is today’s 20. Leave this matter of marriage in the most capable hand of Allah, the knower of the unknown and Enjoy your life, What will be will own sisters got married in their 30s. Why worry when nothing is in our control leave your worries witj Allah swt.

      Remember Hazrat Musa when he had nothing he got everything

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  4. Assalamu alaikum
    I just want to say its just what is being experienced by so many families and women all over the world. i had o face real troubles finding a husband and been rejected by three or more times in our marriage proposals, (not that the man was that attractive or anything, but I was not choosing I was just ready to get married to anyone saying yes even if he weighed 80 kg or whatever0 ).
    Alhamdulillah Allah then blessed me with a wonderful husband who married me without any kind of influence and I am Alhamdulillah happy and we have one son and one daughter.
    However looking back to my experiences of getting rejected and now seeing so many women struggling to get a husband and the number is increasing year after year, I just cant get relaxed about the future of my daughter. I heard so many cruel things said about me and my family back when I COULDN'T GET MARRIED and it actually really hurts and it also makes you feel mentally frustrated to the point when it seems you are about to loose it.
    Women who do find a husband at the young age get really boastful and full of themselves. They then go ahead boasting on how very perfect they are and how much they are more eligible to get in jannah than the less fortunate women, who are just looosers because no men will marry them. The things they say are very cruel and very very hurtful and it actually breaks the fragile mental state of these unmarried women who are already frustrated and sad because of not finding a husband.
    I do get scared thinking about my daughter, because our prophet (saw) prophesied about the number of women increasing to the point when there will be one man for 50 women.

    • I wish it wasn’t this way for Muslims girls struggling to get married. The hadit is scary. People can be cruel, and whisper means things to your parents blaming them for not letting their daughter get married. That’s not the case. There are less suitable well mannered normal practicing Muslim men. I am on Muslim dating apps to find a spouse in a halal way, I tell you the type of men I come across are strange, lie about their marital status and having kids. It’s better to meet the right person then settle for less or use you. These couples showing off their love to social media can be heart wrenching in viewing them, happily showing that they found the love of their life. I am sure many of my ex jealous friends and their mom’s who betrayed me are rejoicing that they beat me to getting married. Oh Allah a misfortune had befallen, please don’t let the enemies laugh at my misfortune.

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