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28 years old and unmarried, why is this happening?

I’m writing this with a broken heart. I’m 28 years old and a medical doctor and have been through a lot in seeking a good proposal for marriage.

Dysfunctional Family: No one acts responsibly

I come from a middle income household, a very loving family but the problem is that no one acts responsibly in my family so much so that their recklessness have the to potential to put us all out in the street.

My parents treat the idea of me marrying like a shameful thing

Whenever I bring up the topic of marriage to either of my parents, it’s always been immediately brushed under the carpet or not taken seriously.

Eastern European Muslim women for Marriage?

It is always said that some men got married to Muslim women from Bosnia and other east European countries, but when time came to apply this on myself I found it hard to accomplish.

Whose decision takes precedence in selecting the groom – daughter’s or parent’s?

My sister-in-law wants to marry a good man but her parents are refusing due to different traditions, culture, geography and the relationship between two countries (India & Pakistan) is never healthy.

How to convince my parents to agree to my marriage with the girl I like?

This girl is perfect for me. I was just wondering could anyone give me advise on the perfect way to explain all this to my parents? I really do not want to go against them…

Why will no one marry me? When will be my time?

I am 27 years old. i want to get married, but the right man has not come along.