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He finally came around but I’m now engaged to another!(7)

January 19, 2023

Should I break it off so I can marry the other guy? Please advise as I am going through a mental breakdown, crying day and night without eating.

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Where can I find a good revert Muslim man to marry?

I prefer to meet and marry a Revert Muslim, if possible.

Am I too young to marry her? Are we doing anything Haram?

We both have pure intentions and do see a future together InshaAllah. The only concern I have is that my parents may not take me very seriously if I talk about marriage with them right now.

Family dysfunction has resulted in a scarcity of suitable marriage proposals

My father married thrice, which has made my goal of finding a suitable spouse extremely difficult. We have no connections, no money. I have simply not been lucky in matters of love.

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