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I converted to Islam secretly, should I remain unmarried all my life?(2)

August 15, 2019

I was a Hindu but converted to Islam. My parents do not know. I cannot marry a Hindu, but if I marry a Muslim my parents will discover my conversion and disown me.

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Parents will not let me marry an Ahmadi, any wazifa to change their minds?

I told them that the Ahmadi girl i love is willing to change but my parents are just not agreeing because they say people will look down on us.

Older sisters not allowing me to marry

My mum approved of him, but then my older sisters said no, so my mum changed her mind.

Should I go against my father a second time?

My father was fine, however due to people who would like me to marry their own son causing fitna, my dad is now totally against this union. Therefore I feel stuck – please, please, please tell me where I stand in terms of not listening to my father?

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