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Will it ever work out?

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Aslamu alaykam brothers and sisters.

i used to be in a haram relationship that lasted almost 2 years.

We did a lot of haram and illicit things that I hope Allah forgives us for. I have repented a lot and so has he.

We got into an argument and we both decided that it was best to leave each other alone, especially since it’s haram.

But we still have feelings for each other, it’s been 2-3 weeks without talking to each other.

He has told one of my friends that he will ask for my hand in marriage when he is of age and has a good occupation, because that’s what his parents expect and want. We are both young.

Will we still end up together? After doing so much haram? Will Allah still want us to be together?

If we get married and Allah has accepted our repentance, will our marriage still be blessed?

I don’t want to marry another man while still having feelings for this one.

My mother also knows about him and likes him a lot, he is of good character. His mother and sister also knows about me.

We are both Pakistani but very different castes and culture. His roots are in Afghanistan and I am from Punjab. Will we ever work out or should i just completely forget him?  Please help me, I don’t want to live on false hope. Thank you.

JazakAllah khair.

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  1. Dearest sister performing istikhara is the only way to make an accurate decision. Pray to Allah to make happen what's best for you and him. Seek forgiveness and InShaAllah Taallah everything will be okay

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