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I saw my girlfriend in a dream following Istikhara

Al salam Aleikum,

I have been together with my girlfriend for a few months and it was going really well. Unfortunately, my mother did not accept my girlfriend even though she is religious and comes from a good family.

After a few intense and heated discussions with my mother, she said her final answer is "no." I told my girlfriend that I will do the Istikhara and ask Allah to show us both the right thing.

So I did the Istikhara and had a dream that I remember only very be precise, I only remember seeing my girlfriend and a good friend of hers in a red shirt. I did my research but could not reach an explanation for this.

Therefore I am asking you to help me out.



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  1. Asalamualaykum Brother Donald.

    Istikhara means that you are seeking Allah's most complete and best guidance and want Him, the owner of all things, to facilitate the best outcome for you. Seeing a red shirt in a dream does not really mean much, unless it has some strong significance to you that helps you make a decision. What direction has Allah taken you in? It sounds like your parents are not okay with this relation, and depending on the reason, you may have to let her go. You should not have had a "girlfriend" to begin with, as this is haram. The reason is the very type of thing that is happening. You are finding yourself in a confused state, your mom is unhappy (which may or may not matter depending on her reason.) How old are you? Is there a father in the picture? Because he would be your Wali, not your mother.


  2. Salam brother. What is your mother's reason for turning the girl down? Is it something rational? Or is it something trivial? Or maybe she has someone else in mind for you?

    If you are sure this is the girl you want, try harder to convince your mother. Make your case and tell her you don't want anyone else.

    Wael Editor

  3. @Nor

    i know this might seem a bit out of the blue but.... Nor can u tell me whats your full name?i wonder if your the person i think you are...."quite a insane long shot ik ik could u answer that?"

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