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I cannot decide how best to pursue my writing career

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Asalam alaikum,

I have been working as a freelance writer for more than three years now. I have good pay and the workload is very manageable. However, I have become very depressed because of loneliness and there are also many distractions at home that hinder my work. Moreover, the salary is not fixed and depends upon the availability of writing gigs which can be stressful.

Recently, I got hired for an office-based job which is offering a good, fixed salary. However, the job will be complicated and I am extremely conflicted regarding which option to choose. So, I did Istikhara and did not see any dream the whole night. But after fajr, I saw multiple bad dreams which I have been seeing for several days now. The thing is, I am still conflicted and do not know what to do. I made several prayers to Allah that he guides me towards the right decision but I just cannot decide. Please help.


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  1. Asalamualaykum Sidrah,

    From reading your post, it sounds like the main thing holding you back from taking the office job is fear. You are afraid and not confident that you can manage it. I suggest that instead of waiting for dreams (which may or may not be helpful), you make dua to Allah to give you confidence for the office job. I say this because it sounds like you are feeling really stressed with freelancing, and a more steady income with provide you with great relief in the long run, despite some lingering anxiety about it. You would no longer be contending with the distractions at home or unsteady income. Of course, there are a whole other set of challenges with an office environment and those dynamics, but it sounds like you are no longer inspired enough to freelance for the rest of your career. And freelancing takes an incredible amount of inspiration. Think on it and then jump in whatever direction you feel like you can put your heart into.



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