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Her “sign” did not match mine!



I had a query regarding an istikhara me and girl did for marriage and love purposes. I'm new to istikhara and have received mixed responses on what should be signs etc.

We both did istikhara for 7 days. Mine came positive in dream form, but during hers, she started to complain of stomach pains/saw white in her dream, and her mother saw red in her dream.

She has now ended things believing that was her sign despite this being against her feelings for me. We haven't spoken for days, what can I do about this? Is there anything I can do or say to her, or do I just accept this as her sign?



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  1. Asalamualaykum Brother,

    Istikhara "results" are not always conveyed in dream form. Rather, the predominant feeling you get following an Istikhara, and the way that events naturally unfold due to Allah's will, is the "result" of the Istikhara. So if a dream makes one feel a certain way and lean in a certain direction, then that feeling prevails, rather than whether one saw white or blue or red.

    What color her mom saw has nothing to do with it at all, as Istikhara can only be done and interpreted by the person seekiing decision.

    If this girl, for any reason, does not want to marry you, that is her will, so I would not pressure her or anything. If she comes around and wants to marry you, then great. But if something as simple as a color in a dream was enough to sway her in another direction, then perhaps her feelings are not as strong as yours.

    Inshallah there is someone out there for you who will be a better match.



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