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Christian widower marrying a Muslim woman?(6)

July 17, 2019

I am a Catholic man in love with a Muslim lady. If I convert, can I still be a Catholic godparent and attend sacraments?

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Don’t want to do haram, but don’t want to lose him

im feeling anxious because deep inside my heart i just cant let go of him. I want him to see that my love for him its not about zinaa.

I had a chance to marry a Muslim and did not, am I doomed?

I have always believed in God but since meeting him my world just suddenly changed and was so amazing! Now I feel doomed because I did not marry him.

My younger brother is rude and arrogant toward everyone

As my brother is getting older, he is starting to become more arrogant. He argues with our parents and speaks to me and my sisters rudely.

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