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Allah’s reply or shaytan’s trick?

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I was curious about who will be my future partner.

I prayed to Allah.

And I saw a boy who is my dad's friend's son.

I met him a few days before my dream. He was attractive. I like him a little bit. But it's not love.

I was thinking about him on the day of I had the dream.

Did I see him in my dream because of my absent mind? It is Shaitan?

Or is it the reply from Allah?

Please help!


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  1. Asalamualaykum Ramisa,

    I hope all is well with you today.

    Honestly, praying that Allah show you your future partner sounds like you are talking to a magic crystal ball. Allah would not reveal your man to you in such an indefinite way that you would have to "guess" as to who he his or whether it is this boy or not.

    If you are of marriageable age and somewhat interested in this boy, I suggest you do a proper Istikhara prayer and dua, for which you can find instructions in the blue menu at the top of this page. In this dua, you ask Allah to guide you to who is BEST for you, and to facilitate that outcome. The very nature of this dua...of the words you will say, will ease your understanding of the result.



    • I'm guessing you're quite young. Let me tell you something; don't even dwell on your future husband or anything like that for now and just focus on school. When it's time to get married you will know and it will happen with the will of God.

      And also love does not happen at first sight. It starts of as a connection that you build with someone and then evolves. Looks is not everything you want to find in your partner. You need to find out their mindset, hobbies , habits they have etc.

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