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My prayer was invalid, but time ran out before I could redo it.

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I have been struggling a lot with prayer lately due to the fear of being impure. Most of the time, I miss my prayers.

Like today, I prayed Dhuhr, but after I finished, I realized I had been impure and had to redo it...But while I was getting myself ready to pray again, the time for dhuhr prayer ran out! What do I do?

And yesterday, I made Wudu for Maghrib, but when I checked the time I thought that its time has already gone by. I was devastated and sat there crying for about three minutes (which was enough time for me to at least finish one raka'aa). But then I heard the actual Athan for Isha. Do I redo it or do I repent?

I have been struggling with prayer for a long time. Sometimes I don't know if I have leaked urine in my prayer or not. It's either urine incontinence, discharge, or waswas...I really don't know so I'm just not sure about WHICH prayers I have to redo and WHICH I don't have to redo.

I'm worried about having some medical condition and I'm embarrassed of telling my parents about it or going to a doctor.

Please tell me what to do because I made a promise I would pray correctly and I don't want to break my promise.


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  1. Asalamualaykum Lelina,

    I typed you a long response but the website was down and it didn't post! So I will try my best to reiterate what I said in so many words.

    MashaAllah for being led to pray, for being serious and committed to your prayers, and for aiming to perform Salah correctly and properly for the pleasure of Allah. I can assure you that you are doing just fine! Please try not to be so hard on yourself.

    Allah knows your intention, and is furthermore generous in His Mercy. If you perform your full Wudu with intention to pray afterwards, and then happen to leak a little discharge due to incontinence, this will not be held against you. Do what you can, in that situation, to feel comfortable praying (i.e. remember that you performed a beautiful Wudu, clean up the additional discharge, change your undergarments, whatever it is you have to do). If you've done everything in your power to be clean, just pray and know that Allah knows you have done your best.

    That said, if you have access to medical care and genuinely feel you have a regular incontinence problem, you must seek medical examination and advice to rule out anything unusual and to give you peace of mind that you have taken all the action you can. This is so important because Salah is not just for Allah...ultimately, it is the method He gave us to help our own selves and souls, and we literally need it for our souls to survive this world.

    I want to make clear that if the discharge is your menses, this does not apply. You must not pray if you have started your menstrual cycle.

    If you miss the time of prayer due to the above, just make up the prayer as soon as you can, as you would do if you forgot a prayer and suddenly remembered.



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