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My mother is stealing from father to send relatives money!

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I have lived in Europe since birth and as far as I can remember, my parents have always argued about money. My mother's side of the family are still in Asia, and my dad's immediate family live close to us. Whenever my mother's side of the family call, it always has to do with asking for money or some financial help of sorts to the point where they will emotionally blackmail my parents.

My mum also suffers with mental health issues but has been working on resolving this. She is killing herself mentally and physically to provide for her side of the family because she is the eldest, despite having siblings who could help if they wanted to. Instead, one sibling is abroad to earn money, yet he calls my mother asking for it!

Now I can understand that you've probably read this far and it sounds like I'm moaning about relatives asking for money. But the issue is more that my mother has lied to my father and has stolen from him to give money to her family abroad. She has gotten my younger brother and herself into a lot of debt due to sending money abroad.

She doesn't seem to care about her own or any of my siblings' well-being, which is strange to me. As a parent myself, I would never want to burden my child with that kind of stress so why is my mother so carefree in doing so? I mentioned this to my father who went to see an imam for ruqyah and confirmed there is sihr involved. However, I don't believe he was a reliable raqi as I know there are people that like to profit from others' misfortunes.

I believe someone from my mother's side of the family did sihr to her where she doesn't see sense or have any logic behind her actions, as they are thoughtless, and doesn't seem to have the consequences considered. I love my mother and I don't want to lose her. This has been going on for maybe more than 20 years so I don't know how deep this sihr is.

Please, for the love of Allah swt, help me and my family in this time of grief. I just don't know what to do anymore. We don't even know who it could be that has done the sihr so the culprit could be on the other side of the world. Can you please give any advice or anything that will help? Because no one seems to want to help and if they do, they want money for it.


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  1. Ws

    I know your pain. I had the same issue with my sister and brother in law sending all their money to the brother in laws family in Asia. My brother in law would send all his earnings to the point that his own wife and children would go without the normal things that everyone else enjoys in this country.

    I had a dream that my brother-in-law's sister in law (his brother's wife) did sihr on them both and told them about it. They did not want to know and thought their amazing love and self sacrifice for that family was out of love. That's what the sihr made them believe I thought.

    I consulted so many Imams, sihr people etc and almost all of them were con artists out to scam me. The only thing that worked was a dua I got from a friend: Allahumma inna naj aluka fi nuhurihim wa na’uzhu bika min shururihim (اَللّٰهُمَّ إنَّا نَجْعَلُكَ فِيْ نُحُوْرِهِمْ وَنَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شُرُورِهِمْ). It means "Oh Allah we place you in front of them and we seek refuge in you from their evil". Here is a link to a website explaining the background of the dua: Imagine the sihr disappearing from your mother whilst reciting the dua. You need to do this at least 2500 times a day until the sihr is all gone. The dua works for many things including sihr and other illnesses and problems. The dua has to be memorised and recited from the heart.

    Inshallah the dua will work for you and your family will be free.

    • Asalamualaykum Kamal,

      I'm sorry to hear that sihr was done on your family members by one of their own. Thank you for providing this helpful dua for the original poster. However, to have to recite a long dua like this 2500 times is not realistic. In fact, that requirement qualifies as a wazifa, which is against Islam. Reciting the dua 1 or 2 times, or until the heart is content, is more than sufficient. May Allah reward you for your efforts.


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