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I wanted some advice on isthikarah for marriage for myself. If the womans isthikarah is a positive feeling but the man had a dream which was negative and in the dream the woman was marrying someone else what does this mean? What if the man and woman still want to marry is this a sin and going aganst the guidance if they decide to marry? The man and woman both have sihr to block things and stop marriage so could this dream be because of sihr? Also can isthikarah results change over time, for example from negative to positive in the future? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jazakhallah for your time


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  1. Assalaamualaykum tnk,

    I'm glad you wrote in for help.

    You have to realize that, after you do the Istikhara prayer, events will naturally unfold according to Allah's will. The dua you have made is for you to feel at peace with what Allah has decreed.

    You did Istikhara for yourself...not for your husband. So don't worry that he had a dream. You need to go with your own feeling, which is positive and tells you to proceed with the marriage.

    May Allah bless you both 🙂



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