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My mother-in-law did sihr (magic) on my husband

sihr, black magic

Salam alaikum,

My husband recently divorced me due to Sihr done by his mother who lives with him. My husband and I still love each other very much but we are apart now and there is no way I could convince him to get ruqyah done.

Could you kindly advise on how to get ruqyah done or pray for removal of sihr over my husband whom I have no contact with now?

Bear in mind the person who is getting Sihr done on him is still living with him and I do not know if she has stopped now that the divorce happened.



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  1. I have always doubted magic, even though it is Quran and even Prophet fell for it. I seriously doubt people have power in this day and age. If people really had magical power, we would have modern day proofs, but sadly not one has been proven yet.

    Once you remove this from your brain, then maybe your problem can be solved by simple communication.

    First talk to your MIL, and try to sort out your problem. Remember, she is the mother of your husband - so deep down she wants best for him. Prove it to her that you are beneficent for her son. Your job is not to convince her - just show your good side and be done with her.

    Once she is out of the way, talk to your husband. This should be easier than MIL. Men can easily be persuaded with decent communication skills. Tell him you love him and spend your whole life with him.

    Islam allows complete and final divorce in three steps as listed in Quran, so don't believe Mullah. You are just given one divorce and if your husband takes you back - there is no time limit. Of course, you can marry after 4 months/periods - but if you do not, you can always go back to your husband.

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