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He won’t admit to smoking, drinking, or abuse. Should I get divorced?

My husband, with whom I am in a long-distance marriage, won’t admit to or give up alcohol or smoking. What can I do to bring him back on the straight path?

My mother-in-law did sihr (magic) on my husband

My husband recently divorced me due to Sihr done by his mother. How do I get ruqyah done on him?

In-law interference breaking my marraige

I have a serious issue of in law interference and maltreatment, which has become so overwhelming for me that now i think taking a divorce is the best option for me. I am suffering to such a point that this psychological torture is having an effect on my health.

Should I give her more time or grant her divorce as per her wish?

I have learned that my wife has been abusing my mother and complaining about every little mistake of mine with full and negative support from her mother for past one year. I didn’t believe what I was reading, few things which i have done for my wife was actually instructed by her mother (ex: buying a diamond ring on our wedding anniversary, limit sending money to my widow mother).

My Sister has been Suffering the Ignorance of her Husband; Please Advise

Immediately her in laws saw her, they told her to get on her knees (even though she was heavily pregnant) that she is a spoiled and proud. They then told their son that he’s stupid for allowing his wife control him and went on and on to humiliate her.

My wife listens to her parents instead of me and also hides things from me; what should I do?

She also kind of have a lot going on in her life which is not at her favor but with what her family wants. Hence also we not living in the same country at the moment? I feel like she lies and doesn’t tell me everything if its somethings I don’t like. What you suggest me to do?

Married, pregnant and abandoned by my husband

I know suicide is haram but what should I do, I have this SNAKE baby. I can’t sleep, eat, am a dead body walking around. I dont want to keep this baby, for it has same blood as him. I need answers. Why did this happen, after all we did for him. His name is S.S. from Brooklyn New York. Why did he do this to me? Why did he use me? Ya Allah why? Why? I can’t move on. I can’t.