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I married, had an abortion, and got divorced(2)

March 17, 2019

i got pregnant i don’t know what happened I found myself thinking of getting an abortion. to which I did SubhannAllah. how it happened I can’t recall.. afterwards we divorced

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If I ask my husband to separate 3 times is it khula?

If I ask my husband to separate 3 times is it considered khula? I actually don’t want to divorce him anymore. This happened about 4 years ago and we would like to reconcile.

I don’t want my arranged husband

I am going to turn 20 this year and by the end of this year is my rukhsati. I am married since 2016 but due to his education rukhsati was postponed. I never wanted to marry him, and I love someone else.

Is he worth staying married to?

What she should do: divorce, or live with that person, who’s involved in all kinds of sin? He cheats on her and he’s talking to a lot of other girls and doesn’t care if she feels alone. He just play games and minds his business. He doesn’t care about anything.

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