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Amulets and the evil eye

sihr, black magic
My father had a really good business. In 2002 his friend borrowed his car. Next day my father found a packet of amulets in car. He confirmed it from his friend that those belonged to his friend. His friend said that he found those amulets in his house and by mistake he forgot those in my father's car. He asked my father to throw them in canal, which my father did. After a week my father had a serious accident. He remained in hospital for a month. Even he remained in coma for 3 days. He lost his business. Since 2002 my family is in a very shabby financial condition.
In 2007 we gave our house on rent of handsome amount and moved to a relatively smaller house. But things did not get better. My father did not establish his business again. He had to give lot of loans back. Some molvi told him that my father had became victim of evil eye "nazar lgna".
In 2009 we came back to our house. My mother was asking the maid to clean lawn when she found a amulet under the roots of a small plant. That amulet was packed in small plastic bag ,tightened with rubber band and had a key as well. My father took that amulet to a molvi and he said that this amulet is quite old so he was unable to read it.
My father gave font portion on rent but faced a lot of problems as paying guest did sort of qabza. Finally. Finally that paying guest left. Now the new paying guest is also not paying rent on time.
Once my father's friend's wife told it to my mother that our house is occupied with some evil things especially the tree on the back yard. Interestingly the tree was cut 10 years back and that lady had not visited our house before. So how come she knew there was a tree. She told it to my mother that there is still some evil in front portion.
Recently may mother again found a amulet on the roof which was placed in a small silver cover. I just want to know the exact situation that what is happening in my house and with my family. Is my family suffering from black magic? And who has done this? As my entire family conforms all Islamic rites.
Please also tell some duas so that my family's financial condition may become better.


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  1. Oh ya Allah. I'm so sorry for this. This is why you dont suppose to trust any friends or anybody accept Allah. I would recommend you and your family to invite multiple sheikhs in your house. Tell them to read certain surahs from the quran. This story is so sad and scary

  2. salam . i have some experience .First of all these things only work when you have weak faith and start to believe in it.Yes evil eye exists and other things in blk arts but we have to be praying regular 5 times day keeping away from haram and foods. I recommend reading manzil daily. this is the best.

  3. Assalamolikum May Allah help us and bless us with His blessing Amin. Read surah bakra blow on water and sprinkle that water on walls read Qul. Try to read surah al-bakra daily bases inshallah it will help

  4. salam im also afflicted by the evil eye of my friend. She caused an evil eye on my eyes nd now am fcing eye problems. can someone plz guide me , shall i use her wudu water on my eye only or have to wash my whole body with that water??

  5. Salam,

    I would recommend surah baqara to be played continuously in your home - like 24/7 continuously - it does not have to be loud
    Lot of istiqfar and salawat
    Lot of Dua esp. at Tahajjud
    5 daily prayers
    Morning and evening azkars
    4th Kalimah
    Charity with the Intention of Allah to grant you cure
    Surah Iklas, Falaq and Nas in abundance
    Ayatul kursi

    • Asalamualikum...
      I am in desperate need of help thats why posting here..
      My family ( parents , brothers and their family ) live together .Masha allah my family is very loving caring no misunderstanding between my two brothers or with my parents.. My father , mother and elder sister inlaw pray 5 times allahamdullilah and my mother and father read quran a lot..
      Now coming to the main point.. Few days back they found a taveez in the common room where they all stay most of the time , eventually it dropped from my younger sisister inlaws bag...
      It ws in 4 pieces and when they joined those pieces it was very scary.. On one side name of my elder brother his wife , his 1 year old son, my fathers name, plus some numbers.on other sides names like cabil, phiroun , etc

      I just need to know what it means and is my youger sister inlaw the one to do this sihir.. Plzz help me for Allahs sake . As we are not the family to use amulets or things like that..

    • Dont forget to recite surah muzamil in abundance. Surah muzamil is a very sharp knife to every evil. Im facing the evil eye and reciting surah muzamil is warding this evil eye off.. with the blessing of Allah.

  6. I think that the Taveez that has names of angels like mikaael, jibraeel etc are used for good purpose. like my father brought some taveez's to create peace in the home because of his two wives. I saw those taveez that had name of the angels and were brought to create harmony between wives.

  7. Salam Sister,

    Please note that ALL taveez or whatever else it's called is SHIRK!! and should get rid of ASAP, you should ONLY put your trust in Allah - a piece of paper with names will NOT help you.

  8. May Allah Protect You Sister.

    I suggest few things sister which can help you fight against such evils..

    1. Salah without fail with sunnah salah.
    2. Give food to poor people
    3. Recite quran everyday. Especially Sura Bakara, Sura Maryam and Sura Yaseen.
    4. Recite verse No. 255 of sura Al Bakara whenever you enter house.
    5. Recite Verse No.102 of Sura Bakara 7 times at night. Preferably between Magrib and Isha.

    Remember Allah is the greatest and he can resolve this instantly. Bur more he delays more he credits good deeds into all of your family members which will come to your rescue on the day of judgement.

    Pray for me to die with eeman sister.

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