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Is it haram to be still in love with my ex husband…


And he to be in love with me although he has married someone else now? Is it haram for me to seek his love although he is married to another women? Don't get me wrong by saying seeking love I DON'T mean there should be any sort of physical contact. I just want to be in his heart as he is in mine. Am I sinning to feel this way?


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  1. What was the reason he became your ex-husband?

  2. If he is still in love with you then that's ok but he needs to concentrate on the commitment he made to the new woman as he is married to her. If you're still in love with him even though you divorced that's fine too.

    Talking with him or doing things with the intention that you want his love for you to remain when he should be making sure his new wife is loved is going to create problems. Even if you are not physical with him his increasing love for you or even him having love for you may make him treat his wife less. And right now, there is no contract with you, his contract is with the new wife. So I understand wanting him to remain in love with you as you are in love with him but if you want a better afterlife for him then perhaps let him build his love for the new girl so he can fulfill the commitment he made to her when he married her?

  3. Dear Sister

    Love (involving opposite sex) without a social contract, friendship or blood relation is either haram or imaginary and in both cases a waste of your precious time and mental energy that could be devoted elsewhere useful.

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    Dear Sister, if you want to get over the heartbreak then you have to forget him and move on. If you still keep love for him in your heart then you will never get over him.

    Since you are divorced now, move on and pray to Allah to grant you a better Husband.

    Rather than wasting energy in keeping your love for him, spend your time increasing your love for Allah by learning more about Islam. Make dua and Allah will surely make your life better than what it was before.

    May Allah grant you lots of happiness.

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