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Help! I committed zina before I reverted to Islam

Assalamu alaikum,

I am a new converted Muslim and I converted during the month of Ramadan. My question is before I became Muslim I have committed zina with a boy more than once but at that time the only think my parents told me was don't have sex before marriage nobody told me that it was a sin. So of course I didn't repent and this was about the summer of 2014. Then I ended moving away and came to a new state and I haven't committed zina ever since and that lasted for a year. So then I met this boy and still didn't know again it was a major sin so we did it a couple of times and I didn't repent. But the thing is every time he would ask I would be hesitant and something would tell me not to do I didn't. Time goes and I stopped and this was about for a good few months maybe 4-8 months then I met someone new and it happened once. And after that I completely stopped for a year or a year and a half. Ended up moving again and met this boy we ended up doing it a few times and the month of Ramadan was approaching. So I took my shahadda and became Muslim. I was a practice Muslim but I never really knew everything about Islam(i.e didn't know zina was an act that Allah did not like) during Ramadan I was fasting and I read that you should stay away from sexual things during Ramadan. So I was like ok and told the boy no sexual stuff. It was one day and we ended up doing something but not sex. After that he ended up not talking to me again. So I completely gave up sexual acts all together and cut out boys. I continued praying I asked Allah to help get rid of this pain I was feeling and Masha Allah it was like my du'a was answered immediately. Because if I hadn't prayed it would've took longer to get over him. My question is I know now that zina is a major sin and it is forbidden and I don't commit it anymore let alone anything sexual  and I started repenting about it every time I prayed and repented about my past and sometimes I would cry and break down. I don't associate partners with Allah I try to do go deeds and I'm kind to people and I cut out a lot of bad stuff in my life and I know Allah is severe in punishment. But I don't want to be out in hellfire and I want to know if my sin will ever be forgiven so I may avoid hellfire. I truly do regret my past and if I could change it I would but..I can't. If anyone could answer my question I would be so grateful.


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  1. Make Taubah, fast, make extra prayers and ask Allah to forgive you for your sins. If you are financially secure, take a portion of your money and donate it to someone in need. Whatever you did before you accepted Islam can not be held against you. However, understand that contrary to many people foolishly think, when people accept Islam they don't automatically change. Their problems do not go away. Including whatever behaviors they had before they took their shahadah. Perhaps you should concentrate on not getting involved with anyone of the opposite sex and always keeping yourself in an environment where you are not alone with a man (no late night movie watching with a friend, no visiting "friends" alone, etc.). Spend time reading about Islamic concepts, female companions of the Prophet who might inspire you, and explore the greatness that good behavior benefits you. I will not go on and on with warnings about punishment, wrongdoing, and lecturing about disobeying Allah. I have found more success to encourage people to avoid haram behavior by emphasizing the benefits of avoiding sin and performing good deeds.

    Do not beat yourself up. Also, do not discuss your concerns about this with others. Take your concerns to the musallah (the prayer rug) and ask Allah for His help.

    Understand that some women and men do not like to be alone, find it hard to be celibate or single in the correct Islamic way. Some people like the excitement of a new relationship; they like falling or being in love. There is nothing bad about this, but it is not a part of Islamic culture. Everyone wants to be in love, but mature adults know it is better emotionally to be in a secure, stable marriage. It is not always exciting and magical, but in the long run there is nothing like coming home to someone who really knows you, who will listen to your worries and pray with you, years after the adrenaline of a new relationship has faded.

  2. Before accepts islam your wrong deeds were before and forgived but aftet become muslim do sins shoyld be repent sincerely and never fo again ALLAH accept repent if sincere so do tawbah and read translation of QURAN and pray 5 times a day sd do not make boy friends it is haraam in islam and zina is a major din jut SLLAH forgive if do tawbah sincere ALLAH saysbabot zina in QURAAN you can read translation and read book on the life of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD SAW and also read about his wives,in this website you can search archives which is based on repent and tawbah and forgiveness in which readers answered there and you should ask about islam and learn by imam congratulation for shahada

  3. Islam erases all sins committed prior to becoming a Muslim.

    Allah says :

    “Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease (from disbelief), their past will be forgiven. But if they return (thereto), then the examples of those (punished) before them have already preceded (as a warning)”

    [Quran 8:38]

    Amr ibn al-Aas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: When Allah put Islam in my heart, I came to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and said: Give me your right hand so that I may swear allegiance to you. He held out his hand and I withdrew my hand. He said, What is the matter, Oh Amr? I said, I want to stipulate a condition. He said, What do you want to stipulate? I said, That I will be forgiven. He said, Do you not know that Islam destroys that which came before it? (narrated by Muslim)

    Prophet (may the peace and blessings and mercy of Allah be upon him) said, Islam annuls what came before it. (narrated by Muslim)

    So as you become a Muslim all your previous sins are forgiven and you start a blank state. Or a complete clean record

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