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I converted to Islam for him, but he married another girl

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I am a Hindu girl and I met a Muslim guy in my college in Delhi. We were initially friends; I knew he had a girlfriend in his city. After few months he started flirting with me, so I asked him what he is looking for. He said he just wants to have fun and I told him I was not ready for it. He would keep on flirting with me and I slowly started developing feelings for him.

Because I liked him, I couldn't stop him completely, but I would always stop him whenever he would hold my hand, caress my hair, touch my feet ( sorry for the details just wanted to let you know the dynamics I didn't do anything beyond that) etc. When I'd ask him to marry me, he would change the topic.

I slowly started learning about Islam and decided that I would convert for him. He also was able to understand that I was serious about him and would encourage me to convert. We were in a close group of friends. I thought everything was going well and he went to his city for holidays--I even helped him shopping and send him off.

However, after one week, I came to know that he got married, even though he was talking to me two days before his wedding and failed to mention it!. Though he never promised me anything, I felt cheated and feel like I have committed a sin. After coming back, he started acting all normal and it's killing me to be around him.

The way I see it, when he knew that I was willing to do everything for him, he could have slowly let me know that he was getting married (which was being planned for almost six months) so that I don't develop any feelings. He purposely hid the information. My guilt is killing me that even though I had so many red flags, I let him hold my hand. I feel like Allah is going to be angry with me. Please help me get through this pain.


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  1. Hi,

    Bis milla hirrahmanirrahim

    Definitely he cheated you. As per the case you have shared. Let him go and don't stress your self. Just trust Allah he will do some thing better for you. The most important thing is you have accepted Islam which is the greatest treasure here & hereafter.

    I believe that guy was not having true knowledge of Islam, as result he did this act. Many people are muslim just by name and lacking islamic education.

  2. Madam,

    Forget him. Maybe Allah has reserved a better person for you.

    This video is however important for you to watch so you can purify your intentions

  3. Salam

    Sister. It seems like hes a player and not serious about his deen. Because if he was he would not done this to you. I'm just feeling sorry for the person he married as he might not be faithful to his wife

    This is certainly not a character of a good muslim

    If anything you have actually gained something better from this situation by accepting islam. Allah has guided you to the right path. And in sha allah he helps you find someone better. Dont feel any guilt for anything as you haven't done anything wrong. Just ignore him and move on. We pray allah finds you a loyal and faithful husband. Ameen.

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