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Converted to Islam from Hinduism, but girlfriend’s parents don’t accept me

Love in IslamSalam,

I am newly reverted to islam.

I got reverted to islam when my girlfriend did not got agree to marry me since I was non-muslim. But all the time she used to tell me about islam and I started believing that yes there is only 1 divine power which rule the world. I was not into much in my religion previously  which was Hinduism but yet I was convinced with Islam belief.

I took my shahadah 6 months back in my house and went to local imam, he told me to go to government authorized imam for documentation. I was practicing namaz fasting and I continue after shahadah as well.

Me and my gf was in major sin and we repent and decided not to do it again.

My father has passed away 3 years ago and I told my mother about this and she accepted her me as a muslim. She told me that relation b/w a son and mother never gonna change. Now she respect my decision and won't call during any puja.

Me and my gf are convincing her parents from 2 years. We are in relationship for 6 years and wanted our relationship to be halal. We are at age of 34 (me) and 26 and both are financially independent.

But we need elders blessings and their support in future. My mother is ready to accept her but her parents are not convinced. They are afraid of society.

I know I got reverted becoz of her but to enter in Islam there are lots of ways unless and until we follow its teachings. There are many muslims who are not following farad things also. But they can marry her coz they are born muslim and I am not.

Please suggest us what can we do.

- Guidance

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  1. Salam,

    Brother there is actually a lot of advice for brothers like you on YouTube if you just search. You are not the only one having problems with getting consent from the guardians , this is actually a widespread issue for some Muslim men. There is a guy called Dawah Man on YouTube and he covers this subject very well.

    You have to come to reality maybe this girl is not the one for you and may not be able to marry her. Try speaking to her father and her brothers in private, and ask them why exactly they rejected you. Don't disclose any of her sins in this meeting , just ask them why they rejected you and based on what they say then decide your next move. If they gave you a valid reason then you know you have something to work with and maybe can compromise and have an imam to convince them for you. If their reasoning is bad then you're dealing with unjust people and you will end up wasting your time.

    Also brother ask yourself are you truly Muslim. Do you believe in god and his messengers. If this girl left you for good today, would you still continue to pray , fast and study? If answer is no , then im sorry you are wasting your time with this girl. You could probably fool the girl but once she gets married and have kids she will get closer to god and if you're not what you claim you are, you will both drift apart. So save yourself from the trouble.

    • Ahmed, your answer was good except for the part where you questioned the brother's faith. He has already said that he is convinced about Islam and believes in it. What right do you have to cast doubt on his shahadah? Can you see into his heart? He is Muslim because he chose it. That is an even more powerful statement and commitment that many who are Muslim only because they were born into it.

      Wael Editor

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