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I have been spreading lies about my father, saying he abused me….how do I repent?(2)

July 8, 2023

Do I have to confess to both my father and the people who I lied about him to?

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I hid my addictions from my girlfriend but we are both reverting…should I confess to her?

I was previously addicted to drugs and masturbation, but have reverted back to Islam. I’m worried that telling my partner about my addictions would hurt our potential marriage.

I shared my body measurements with a guy online

I explained how this is wrong and I will no longer keep the chat open, and that they should forget me, my measurements, what happened…

I wanted to be noticed just for a moment. Have I lost all my good deeds?

My decision ultimately made me appreciate hijab more, but is it too late? I am plagued by guilt and worry.

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