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If a person regrets a “bad dua” they made for someone, is the dua still valid?

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If someone was angry and made dua/supplication to hurt or harm someone, is that dua answered or accepted by Allah? Does the validity matter if the person regrets the dua or not?

Please help me as I feel confused and stressed.


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  1. There is no such thing as a bad dua for someone. If it was made to hurt or harm someone then that becomes a curse and whoever has cursed they have committed a sin and need to repent to Allah not to do it again. And instead are dua to undo any curses

  2. Asalamualaykum Tala,

    It depends on the reason for the dua. Why did you make a dua against someone? If you were angry because you were being oppressed, for example, then Allah always answers the dua of one who is oppressed. If you made a dua against someone because you were jealous of them or some other reason having nothing to do with them, I would repent to Allah and make a good dua for them instead. For example, you could ask Allah to guide them or to bless them.



    • Hello,

      I was not the one to make such a dua, but someone in my family did that to me. I accidentally spoiled a series they were watching for the past 4 years, I did not mean to do that. And that person spent the night making duas to harm me. But that person does not regret making such duas and it worries me. They prayed I get sick, hurt, get my anxiety back, have constant nightmares, fail in school, never achieve my dreams, etc. I trusted that person with my fears and they used it against me when I spoiled to them accidentally. A few days after this person's dua, I broke my foot badly and almost got surgery but then was told to wait it out and that it would takes months to a year before I could walk again which mean I might have to postpone going to university, I missed out on an internship I had, and have to graduate from a high school online. That person was convinced that by me spoiling the show, I wronged them so badly that Allah will accept their dua.

      • Asalamualaykum Himari/Tala,

        Allah has MUCH better things to do than punish someone because they spoiled someone else's worldly distraction that will have no benefit to them in the afterlife.

        I am sorry you broke your foot and missed out on an important internship. Perhaps these have hidden blessing in them for you...perhaps you can use your time to do something that doesn't involve your feet, that you wouldn't have done otherwise. Perhaps this internship would have had difficult coworkers.

        Whatever the case, Allah has Mercy enough for his slaves that your act was just a minute blip, if that, in His priorities.



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