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If a person regrets a “bad dua” they made for someone, is the dua still valid?

Is the dua answered, even if the person who made it regrets it?

My enraged husband has abandoned me at my parents’ place!

My husband went into a rage whenever I brought up the idea of visiting my parents. Now, he’s flipped a switch and abandoned me at my parents’ while I’m having a miscarriage!

How can I deal with my rising anger levels?

I got married in February but I am recently having a lot of anger issues in my marriage. I am under so much stress and I am becoming scared of my feelings…living with my husband is a lot harder than I thought and I sometimes feel like I do everything with no help.

How do I cope with my husband’s bad temper?

Asalam Alaikom
I am 21 years of age, my husband is 37, we have been married now for 3 years and hamdulilah have a healthy son. He has a daughter from his last marriage of which I love and treat as my own. I converted to Islam 6 years ago now and since then continue to learn more and more about Islam everyday, however, I need some advice about my husband, he has such a bad temper, usually when things are not going well for him or he is tired, stressed or annoyed.

How can I get past what I said to my husband out of anger?

I have a dilemma: My husband and I had a major fight about 3 weeks ago and out of anger I told him he’s haram to me.

How can we break the spell on my brother?

My brother was a quiet and understanding young man. He chose a girl of his choice to marry. My parents were not against their union but they did not want my brother to marry before completing his studies. For the last few months, he has been acting violently.

Muslims keep letting me down

I find 99% of Muslims that I have met: – rude and arrogant, disrespectful, foul mouthed liars, merciless and abuse Islam for material gains

I feel hatred for my husband for no reason

Anyway, here is my story. I love my husband SOOO much. He is my first love and marriage but sometimes I hate him for no reason. I don’t want to see his face at all….