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He was obsessed with unearthing my past, but it turns out he was just as guilty(1)

August 5, 2023

He forgave me every time but now I wonder if it was just because he was hiding much more.

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My wife neglects and verbally abuses me

My wife seems to not have the same feelings of love for me that I have for her. She doesn’t support me even though I do my best to provide for her and take care of our daughter.

Can I divorce my husband without a valid reason?

I have been with my husband for ten years but I cannot “get over” my ex. I feel this is unfair to my husband but I cannot help my feelings!

I don’t want a friend who negatively influences me

I have a fear of getting hurt by his habits, fear of holding a grudge against him, and fear of being in a fight with him again.

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