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Am I a virgin?

I am a virgin in her 20's.  I have never consumed alcohol and refrain from sin every chance that I get. Please forgive me for my detailed and rated R details but I can't put this in any other way. A few nights ago I had foreplay with my significant other. There is Islamic marriage between us but we haven't yet married to wedding. Getting to know eachother. My virginity is something I want to keep until marriage because I am not yet fully in love. I'm a confused and lost soul right now. During foreplay, I did not have intercourse but it roughly passed through on the outside and I bled a little. I was going to pass out and was hospitalized. I don't have a hymen. Am I a virgin? But I bled? But I didn't have intercourse? I'm going crazy and need the self satisfaction of wether or not I am or not. What if I don't bleed on my wedding night? It makes me never want to get married and I hate myself. Please help me..


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  1. Hi virginity
    First of all ask Allah for forgiveness better that do not try or even think of such dreams if you are not legally married but if you are legally married than do not wait for the celebration of marrige it's ok if you go for sex with your husband ,,
    2nd about your virginity ,,if you are sure 100% that you didn't do intervourse than no need to confuse and beside this also might the blood is cause of menestration ,,and incase might the penis of your husband just 5% touched with your sensitive part and it caused bleeding ,,in this case if you still confused that either you are still virgin or not ?best way to go to the female Dr she will test examine you and she will give you the best result ,,as per my personal experience MAY Allah forgive me one time mistakenly happened with me the same thing ,,when I tried to pushed my girl freind and she cried she asked me that I broke her virginity there was 2% blood I saw it ,,anyway she visited the Female Dr and tested herself the Dr told that your virginity 80% still remained only 20% Brocken ,,means she was remain virgin and surely in future she will bleeding when do intervourse

    • Assalaamualaikam

      A person is either a virgin or they aren't, it's not possible for somebody to be 80% a virgin. Where are these percentages coming from?

      Midnightmoon editor

      • Dear midnight moon
        About percentage ???
        I didn't explain all these from myself
        I just disclosed my personal secret which was happened with me that's what I mentioned
        Yes the female Dr is the one who clearly told her that 20%your sensitive the first beginning area is hurt but you are still 80% remain virgin and even what I remember that the blood was just very slightly like signe of blood it was not in drop or pure red blood ,,and I was sure 100% that I didn't do or enter even 20% its human measures and sure until now she is still virgin and if she go for full sex 100% she will bleed

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Firstly, if you and your significant other have had your nikah, then you are halal for each other and there's no need to worry about this any more.

    If you are still worried, think back and remember - did his private parts penetrate yours? The only way a person loses their virginity is through penetrative sexual intercourse. So if there was no penetration then you haven't lost your virginity.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Forget everything anyone says. if you did nikah, you are 100% allowed to do whatever it is that you want to do (as long as its allowed in islam). Islam says you can so what are you afraid of?! All these other traditions are cultural and they dont hold any religious significance

  4. You said that you had an Islamic marriage
    Meaning Nikah?

    If so then it's ok.
    Sexual relations are allowed.

    It really doesn't matter if there was no actual fancy cultural wedding

    as long as there was a Islamic wedding with the priest
    with Witnesses
    and signing your names

    then that's all that matters

    don't confuse culture and religion

    they are not the same thing

    Good luck

  5. Salamaleykum sis

    I am worried for you about one thing. I think you should take pregnancy test
    What will happen if you get pregnant while you're still virgin?

  6. Your hymen may be absent due to agenesis: this would mean that it never developed in the first place when you were still an embryo. Should this be the case, you are a still a virgin in the sense that you never had intercourse, but will not bleed at the first intercourse because you never had a hymen. You may bled due to a superficial injury somewhere in the surroundings without having had intercourse. A gynecologist could tell whether this is the case.

  7. Bleeding on wedding night has nothing to do with virginity. You can bleed whetether you are virgin or not.

  8. salamu aikum
    if you have never had sex that is what is known to be virginity biological, the bike with a hard seat can break this Allah still know who you are. we are presenting our deeds before Allah not people who couldn't them themselves keep it.

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