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I am certain I will commit zina…I have no faith in myself or Allah


Asslamu aleykoum,

Whenever I find the chance to make dua, I pray to Allah to bless me with a husband and a job, but I'm growing impatient. I feel like Allah swt doesn't respond to prayers, and if He does respond, it's always when it is too late and in a way we didn't wish!

So now I have stopped making dua...I just do it rarely when I feel like I need to recognize Allah's power.  Sometimes I feel like I'm so far from Him and drifting to a really bad path. I don't like to go into detail, but I feel like I can't keep myself pure for marriage anymore and my soul is so far away from Allah that I'm unable to feel that closeness I felt back in the days when my life was stable and I only had my studies to worry about. Now when I'm out in the real world, I feel so depressed and like its only a matter of time before I commit zina.

Please advise me brothers and sisters.

scared girl

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  1. Salaam, please dont drown yourself with this situation.
    Allah does love you, Allah listens to every single of His creation and gives us what is good for us at the right time.

    I often listen to Islamic lectures and Quran to heal me when I'm broken, listen to this and
    May Allah guide you to whatever is beneficial to you in both duniya and akhira.

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