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I broke my hymen in a non-haram way and now I’m worried

I am super worried after my female cousin said that no one would trust a girl if she doesn’t bleed on her wedding night.

Am I a virgin?

I need to know whether or not I am. What if I don’t bleed on my wedding night? It makes me never want to get married and I hate myself.

My hymen broke, not able to get married

I’m 16 years old…

**Editor’s note – This post is about sensitive personal health matters for a young sister. Please respect Islamic limits.**

An affair turned to living hell…

He was ignoring me, I ignored him too till I realized my virginity problem which he caused… I’m sure he was fooling me from the beginning.. I don’t know what to do ..

Will my future husband forgive me for breaking my hymen?

Now my question is, when one day I get married, what if my husband finds out that I don’t bleed on the first night? What if he thinks I’m not a virgin? Should I just be honest that I broke my hymen with my finger (which means that he will come to know that I have a habit of masturbation)?

How to repent from losing my virginity in this way?

I was in my first ever relationship that lasted a few months, in the last month we both had oral sex and he broke my hymen.