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My wife can’t make up her mind.(5)

October 14, 2019

My wife is pulling me in opposite directions with her indecision and it is hurting my heart.

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I lied to my family, but the truth would destroy them

I know that if my family found out the truth, it’d hurt them, anger them, lead them to hate me or even hurt me, and could destroy my family and bring shame and embarrassment onto them and me.

Seeking comfort from someone else

I am married to a man who lies and cheats. My supervisor at work hugged me when I was crying. For the first time I felt comforted and secure.

He fell in love with the fake me!

After a few months I realized that he was getting attached to me. I was scared because I was fake. I was really in love with him, so I thought if he is gonna get attached to the fake me, how is he gonna love the real me? So I started fights with him for no reason, and then I broke up with him and told him that I never loved him.

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