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Would “jingle-shoes” go against proper hijab for a young woman?

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I wanted to ask if the sound of bells from a woman is haram? I know wearing anklets that jingle is haram as it is arousing for men, but what about other accessories?

You see, I want to become a Maiko (Japanese artisan), and to be one, the shoes have little bells in them that make small sounds to indicate one is a Maiko. It represents youthfulness and is not a sign of prostitution or anything. Rather, Maiko is the trainee before becoming a Geisha/Geiko. When I become Geisha/Geiko, I wear normal traditional flats with no bells as Geisha/Geiko are adults.

Just to reiterate Maiko and Geisha/Geiko are NOT prostitutes! Our job is to entertain guests with art. Some are music or singing which I know is haram, but other arts are like tea ceremony or storytelling which I will specialize in and I will wear the hijab in public and only entertain women guests without hijab.


Anyhow, here are the shoes that are worn by Maiko (the bells are under):


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  1. Asalamualaykum Dear Sister,

    Can I ask you what the purpose of the jingle bells in the shoes is? Especially if you are just storytelling as your intention is? The shoes may represent youthfulness, but in Islam, you are held accountable for your actions starting in puberty. There is wisdom in this.

    I don't know your financial situation or means, but might it be possible to custom-order a pair of those exact shoes but without the jingle bells?

    In matters that are doubtful, Allah has advised us to use caution and avoid if possible.

    Good luck with your beautiful hobby and I wish you success in both it and life In sha Allah.



    • The purpose of the bells is to indicate that the person wearing the shoes is a Maiko, so it makes her look youthful and for attention since in the artist industry the more well-known, the higher the base pay. It is only worn outside, inside okiay/ochaya only socks are worn.They are taken out after a year as she is more mature then and has regular danna, or people that like to come see the art.

      It is possible to take the bells out if I want to, but before I do that I wanted to know if the bells are haram or not. If they are haram, I'll take them out, but if they are ok, I'll keep them for the full experience.

      Maiko also has a lot of art, like flower arrangement, painting, calligraphy, dance, speech, etc.

    • I found a link to a video that shows the sound and shoes:

      Although, yes I will mostly do storytelling. I am not limited to that. I would also do calligraphy, "dance, sing,"(female guests only), show flower arrangements, tea ceremony, and some also go to hospitals and nursing homes to cheer up residents.

      • Asalamualaykum Tala,

        I watched your video. I am not a sheikh or scholar issuing fatwas, but in my opinion, taking the jingle bells out is best. However, if you feel that taking the bells out would deprive you of being able to participate in your career and they are temporary only until you reach the Geisha position, then just do what your heart tells you to do and pray to Allah to make the halal easy for you and the haram difficult.



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