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Regarding Existing Tattoo

Asalamu Alaikum Brothers,

I have determined to follow the holy path and I took my Shahadah last week.  During my learning, I understood that tattoo is haram as per our belief, but I used to have permanent tattoos before.  Would request suggestions on whether it is OK to continue in the same state.



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  1. Walikumsalam warahmatullahi wa barkatu
    Tattooing is a major sin, but if a person repents from it, Allaah will accept his repentance.
    If it can be removed then it will be good.

    And Allah swt knows best

  2. Assalaamualaykum Harish,

    The tattoo was created before you turned to Islam, so I think as long as you do not get additional tattoos, it's fine. Trying to remove the tattoo may damage your skin further and Allah does not want us to self-harm or mutilate our bodies!

    And Allah knows best,


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