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I’m happily married but I keep “checking out” other women

"Lower your gaze" applies to men too... and not just when your wife is watching!

Salaam brothers and sisters,

I am happily married man with three children. I have a bad habit of looking at other women when I'm out with my wife. I don't know why I do it and sometimes I don't even realize that I do it until my wife points it out to me.

What does it say in Islam regarding this? I want to stop but don't know how or where to start. I'm at a point where my wife points it out and I can't even accept it myself that I do this! My marriage is on the rocks because of this

I pray every day. Is there any advice or anything else I can read that will stop me from doing this? Your advice and guidance is very much appreciated.


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  1. Asalamualaykum Brother,

    If you were "happily married" as you state, you would not be checking out and swooning over other ladies. I suggest you look deeply into your relationship with your wife and try to improve that through communication and understanding. Take her concerns over your behavior seriously, as jealousy and hurt are natural emotions that she is currently experiencing. A little more effort towards your marriage and your wife should prevent you from looking elsewhere, as we tend to value that which we invest in.



    • Despite happily married some might look at other women for more thrill or excitement ..So happily married doesn't mean he will lower his gaze ..
      Only thing can keep some one on track is he should try to follow the Deen which tells to lower the gaze and avoid looking at non mehrem..
      Non mehrem ..
      Just Ramadan is near so practise avoiding all those and improve yourself as muslim ..

  2. If I am to go by what you’re stating, then it seems like you lack empathy. If the tables were to turn and your wife was looking at other men, i’m sure that wouldn’t sit well with you.

    Practice more taqwa brother by reminding yourself that Allah is constantly watching you and it’s your wife’s right that you remain unequivocally loyal to her.

  3. Assalamu alaykum brother,

    It seems you are not happy with your wife while looking at other women, Allah swt gave you the blessing to marry your wife and also to create a family mashallah. If you really love your wife, then please stop staring at other women, you are not supposed to do that.

    Wish you both all the best.

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