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I wish to leave my cheating husband and take the children with me

My husband has been explicitly talking to other ladies, even going as far as sending inappropriate pictures and videos and attempting to meet up with them.

I’m happily married but I keep “checking out” other women

I want to stop looking at other women, but don’t know how or where to start.

If someone is born gay, why would Allah judge them?

If homosexuality is a trait one is born with, why would this person come under the judgement of Allah?

Need ruling on naming children after step-grandfather

Should we spend the hundreds of dollars required to change the surname of our children to make things right? Or is my husband correct?

Should I read salah (offer prayer) even though I take Methamphetamine?

I take Methamphetamine like once in 6 months or so, so my addiction is low. I know its not right to smoke Methamphetamine, I am just worry about salat.

Phone Nikkah: legal or illegal?

Is Nikkah/marriage allowed on phone allowed in Islam and is considered halal in the eyes of Allah (swt)?