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We want to get physical but our marriage is 3 years away!

Pre-marital/extra-marital relationships are haram in Islam


I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for a year. My relationship is an arranged relationship: She and her parents, my whole family and parents accepted our relationship. Then we got engaged and fell in love and fixed that we shall get marry after she completes her graduate degree (I am a medical student and she in now in 12th standard). We all agreed to that. My parents frequently visit her home, meet them, talk together, and help each other.

Now we are deep in love... and so our feelings to. It's like we both wanna have physical relationship and kissing hugging etc and I think its ok to kiss and hug but physical relationship is zinah in Islam and I cannot do that.....

So my question, as we are fixed to marry, is I cant ask my parents or her parents to make nikah now as she is still in 12th standard so what do I do now? Can we have secret nikah, like in the presence of two muslim brother, asking her hand and she accepts saying "He the son of that wants to marry you wants to be his wife?  Do you accept it and she says Qubool  3 times? Will that be a halal nikah or what? Or do you have any other ideas for what we should do or if there is any other way? Please help me.

Abdul Malik

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  1. Both of you guys have to ask to your parents about nikah, that is the best way. Tell them
    About your problem clearly.

  2. Dear brother,
    No need for a secret nikkah. It does not matter if she is in 12th standard. First tell your parents that we want to do nikkah within a month. And do it openly. Do Valima as it is sunnah after nikkah. Cheers and may Allah blesses you both. Ameen

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