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I did a secret Nikah over the phone

Broken heart


Five years ago, I did an oral Nikah over the phone without an imam or any witnesses. I have never met the guy, nor has he even seen me. To be honest, I was just stupid and impatient. I stopped talking to him after a couple of weeks. I have no means of contacting him now either. Is my Nikah valid and if yes, how can I end it?


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  1. So I'm guessing you had a haram long distance relationship with a guy and you guys decided to have a " nikah" over the phone. .Also nikah over the phone is not possible. You guys did not even meet the basic requirement of a marriage and that is having witnesses and a guardian on your side who will make sure the man is trustworthy.. So I can confirm to you the marriage was not real. It was probably a tactic deployed by him to trapping you and making you forget your rights to get you to do things. Stay away from internet men they are not serious.

  2. Walaykumasalam Sister,

    Your Nikah is not valid, as brother Ahmed has stated. So don't devote any more of your energy in his remembrance or worry over it. You need to have a Wali (guardian) at your marriage, along with witnesses.



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