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My Hindu husband won’t give me a divorce.

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Assalamualikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkathu

Brothers and sisters...I am a revert From Mumbai India. I got married in May 2019, and I took my Shahada in September. Now while studying Islam I have realized that this marriage with my Hindu husband is a zina/illegal and not valid. Also my husband will not accept Islam nor he will give me divorce. What is the solution for this?



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  1. Accept Islam, and leave every thing on Allah, in Islam everyone would be judged independently so do not worry about him. Just try to safe your life after death

  2. Ws

    You have tried to revert him and this has not worked. Your best solution in your situation is to divorce your husband. You do not need him to divorce you, you can divorce him on the ground that you no longer wish him to be your husband. You may need to get a family court to make a declaration that you are divorced.

    Of course you need to stop living with him. I assume you know the underlying reason for Islam not allowing you to be married to a polytheist. He will want your children to be hindu and even if he does not care, the fact that he is will have a detrimental effect on your children's own belief, that's why you need to end the marriage.

    Go and see a lawyer who specialises in family/divorce matters for advice.

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