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What religion will the baby be?

muslimah mother childHello,

My son married a Muslim lady. They have a son together and they have come to a conclusion that the baby is neither Muslim or catholic and he will make his own decision when he is 18. I tell him Islam doesn't allow this...I am correct right? What are the consequences of this and please give me an advice, thank you.


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  1. The answer is simple

    Allah knows best..
    The person .

    Who turns his life around and fears Allah will definitely rub of and them

  2. First of all a non Muslim guy can't marry a Muslim girl .
    This marriage should be void Asap .
    And regarding the baby, her mother sould make him/her a practicing Muslim...

  3. I'm confused by your post. Your son is Catholic? And yet you seem to want the baby to be raised as Muslim?

    From an Islamic perspective, a marriage between a Muslim woman and non-Muslim man is invalid.

    Also, one of the main purposes of marriage in Islam is to raise good Muslim kids. No practicing Muslim would ever accept for his / her children to be raised as anything other than Muslim.

    Wael Editor

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