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Interfaith Marriage problems

I need advice, I can’t keep hurting in silence.


How we can do marriage?

I know it’s a sin, but we want to have a good future…

Parents will not approve of marriage with non-muslim woman.

They told me if I marry someone that they do not choose, I will not be a part of their life anymore.

Interracial friendship – can it turn to marriage?

He thinks that we can marry and co-exist in an interfaith marriage.

Am I going to hell…

for losing my virginity before marriage and if I marry someone who isn’t my religion?

Second marriage?

I don’t want him to leave his wife but I want to be part of his life.

Interfaith marriage without parental permission possible?

I’m a Christian girl. My family will not agree with our wedding so I’m left without a Wali.

Does a Christian woman have to convert to marry a Muslim man

I just don’t feel like marriage would be the right reason to convert.

Should I marry my Pakistani Muslim boyfriend?

Is this a small price to pay to spend my life with the man I love? He thinks I am making a big deal for nothing, but I am very aware that this decision is for life.

Boyfriend’s Muslim Parents Won’t Even Look at Me

I had done all this research as to not offend them. I dressed modestly. I had all these expectations that they’d like me and they didn’t even acknowledge I was in the room.