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Assalam walikum my name is kathrina I m Christian by birth, I m in relationships with a Muslim man from past 15 yrs, he could not marry me due to some family circumstances and he got married to a Muslim girl 4 yrs back, I never wanted to disturb his family life however neither of us were forget to each other, I never had any man except him in my life, neither will have in future. He decided to Marry me however I don't want to convert. I love allah and I believe in one god. I don't want him to leave his wife but want to be a part of his life. Please help.. He said he is ok me to convert and to follow my religion as well


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  1. Salam,

    What did you need help with? You want him to marry you and stay with his other wife as well?

  2. 1. You can not convert and follow Christianity as well.
    2 Have a talk with his first wife. I am certain that will help you make up your mind. In more ways than one.
    3. This is confusing. You have been in a relationship with a Muslim man for 15 years. He has been married to another woman for the past 4. And now he wants to marry you and for you to accept Islam. Maybe he should stop indulging in zina, adultery and disobeying Allah.
    4. If you truly love Allah, end this haram/forbidden relationship.
    5. I think you are obsessed with the fantasy of what you think love is, and carrying a torch for someone, never going to love anyone else, when you have never been married and know and understand all the demands a real marriage requires.
    6. Seek professional help. Stay away from married men.
    7. The minute you say you want to talk to his first wife, the man will probably freak out. Have a close friend nearby. Sometimes men who are cheating on their wives act badly when the girlfriend/mistress/soon to be second wife starts talking about making the relationship public.

  3. Sadly some very harsh replies here. If you love Allah and believe in one God and you accept that Mohammed was a prophet from God just like Abraham jesus moses noah and all the prophets and you accept that jesus is not God but the mightiest of prophets sent from God to teach the people then you are already Muslim, whether you practice Islam or not then you are already Muslim. Can I ask the reason that you believe in Allah one God but refuse to follow Islam, there must be something that you are worried about by taking the comittment perhaps family worries etc. Dear sister know that the best Muslim woman in the history of Islam was a secret Muslim the wife of pharaoh of Egypt who was a tyrant and didn't know how wife was Muslim. Your religion is between you and God but I advise you that God says the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. What is Islam its to be good to family to care for the poor, to give 2.5% of your wealth yearly to charity, to pray 5 times a day so you stay away from sin, to fast 30 days a year to get closer to God and sacrifice your food. To worship God alone as one with no partners and no mother son or father. I wish you the well but I can't see a problem with him marrying both of you so long you are practicing Christian. And God above all is most knowing.

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