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I’m in love with my student.(4)

October 10, 2019

As destiny would have it, I started getting inclined towards a student of mine who was just 18.

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I don´t want to hurt the boy or my parents!

The other way is that i should leave that boy for the sake of my parents so that my parents won’t get hurt but now the boy will get hurt soo much and also i love him i cannot see him in tears.

Cannot contact her family, can she marry me?

She cannot go back to country,  met her family and can’t communicate because of some political issues. It’s also impossible for me to meet her family or communicate about marriage (take their permission).

Christian widower marrying a Muslim woman?

I am a Catholic man in love with a Muslim lady. If I convert, can I still be a Catholic godparent and attend sacraments?

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