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Husband take wife 2 after 3 month of marriage

PolygamyAsalam Aleekum!

I have a bad situation i am in. I got married in Nov 2019 after 10 years of waiting (we were engaged for 10 years). Due to his work (army uae) we could not marry so fast.

Finally on Nov 2019 we got married and i was so happy. But soon after my husband informed me that he got another wife.

He tried all the things to force me accept her. Including bringing her to the house and sleep with her in the room and i was waiting with his children in the salon.

He has 6 children from past 3 marriages. All 3 wives divorced him.  ...So finally i had accepted his second wife after me but i had requested him to treat me fairly. Which of course he did not and we had few arguments.

The last argument we had he left the home for 1 month and then called me and said that he will go to court and divorce me.  I tried reconcile with him but he is very stubborn, i guess the other one she is pushing him to.  I love my husband and I don't want to divorce him. I want to have children, after so many years of waiting. Isn't this Haram what he is doing to my life?!

- andrada


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  1. Sister,

    Allah is the One in full control of everyone and everything. Whether you stay in the marriage or not, the choice is entirely yours. If you wish to stay in the marriage, seek Allah's help. Allah is the Turner of all hearts, including your husband's. I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Anytime you feel like crying or you see or hear something that makes you angry, in your heart quickly connect with Allah first. Better if you can get wudhu and make a 2-rakaah salah. Sister, for every problem there is a solution. Be very patient and never give up.

  2. Sister, the fact that he had three wives before you is a warning sign. He has a habit of marrying women and divorcing them. I fully expect that you will be divorce number four.

    I understand that you want children and that you have feelings for this man. But seriously, take it from me based on all my years of experience, count your blessings that you have no children with this man! He already has six children from 3 previous marriages. How much love and attention do you think he would give your children? And when he inevitably divorces you, your children would be left without an active father in their lives.

    Sister, Allah is saving you from a terrible, messy future. Get this man out of your life and find someone who will dedicate himself to loving you alone, and will have a single family with you and your children.

    Wael Editor

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