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Is bigamy allowed in my situation?



Can my son marry another wife overseas if he is married in America to a non-Muslim, non-American lady holding a green card?

Please advise


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  1. The fact you as the parent asking the question and not on his behalf spells trouble to me. Do not ruin their marriage because you don't like it. Do not force another woman upon your son.
    You can end up destroying his life by adding more pressure and maybe get him blocked from his kids.

    Muslim man can marry any woman of God and also can get. Married upto 4x as long as he is capable of providing for their needs.

    In this situation I don't see how he can provide for a woman overseas or even satisfy her needs.

    • Salaam, Bro. Ahmed
      is right can marry up to 4 women but she has to be muslim, people of the book(Jews or Christian) any polytheistic faith marriage is invaild

  2. Are you kidding everyone here? Your son is married. He may have married a woman for a green card, which is problematic in itself. Marrying another woman will make even more problems, especially if his American wife feels taken advantage of and contacts Immigration. Your son may have also married someone he cares for and wants to have a family with.

    Being a parent does not entitle you to be in charge of his life. Don't make matters difficult or create a fitnah for a man and his family. If he is trying to get his status in the US established, having another wife would make matters very difficult and he probably can't afford it in the first place. Women are not chess pieces. Polygamy is permissible, but it requires all parties involved to make it work. Will he tell the first wife he is planning to get another woman? Will the second wife accept her status? Will his children know their father? Finding another woman for your adult son who is already married is not necessarily a good idea.

  3. How is your son going to do justice to his two wives if they don't live in the same country?

    Men are not allowed to marry more then one wife in Islam if they cannot do justice,

    why are you asking on behalf of your son, very very weird?

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