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Christian widower marrying a Muslim woman?

Christian/Muslim MarriagesI have come here today for some advice, I am a Catholic widower with four catholic children, who has fallen in love with an Islamic lady. My problem here lies, I promised my wife before she died, that I would raise my children in a Catholic way, put them through all the sacraments and see them through to when they were old enough to make up their own minds on religious matters.

Whilst I am willing to convert to my future wife's religion, I am wondering is it a fact that I can never become a Godparent to my future grandchildren, or attend any of my children's upcoming sacraments ( confirmation ceremony) as a sponsor, if I convert to Islam.

The lady in question is quite strong in her Islamic beliefs and would fear that unless I convert, there is no way our relationship could ever progress.

Thank you in advance,


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  1. Well that's really not a way to have said that

  2. Hello dear I understand how very much sad it is to break a promise. No one wants to do that but then of course we all want what's best for our kids. And Islam doesn't stop you from associating or relating with your families because you're not of the same belief. No you can visit and should be nice to them. But then would you want to see your kids in a place you aren't sure is the right path. I would advise you not to rush into Islam just because you want to marry that lady. That's what happens and at the ending of the day you'd not practice your religion or know anything or even care about it. Before coming into Islam you should learn the basics about it, you should read some things ask questions and then pick interest and inshaAllah you'll find it easy and ofcos you'd be doing your kids good if you join Islam and decide to teach them and bring them into in. If really you're doing it for the sake of Allah not just to marry, you'll find that the religion simply conveys peace and the way of life, and wouldn't you want that for your babies?. leaving your children behind would be like leaving them on a path you're not sure about and you wouldn't be breaking a promise because what your wife really wanted was you guiding your children to the right path that would give them peace and she wouldn't want you leaving them behind on a path alone and some promises are meant to be broken for the better of that person

    • Let me guess, she is an Asian Muslim. Well, it doesn’t matter. You should learn and accept Islam from your heart and truly believe the oneness. Don’t change your religion just to marry the person. Your late wife wants you to guide your children to the right path in life and have religion in their life.

  3. Dear brother glad to know you wish to revert to Islam. However you need to study Islam a bit yourself. Don’t just convert for the sake of a “marriage”. Catholic religion is very close to Islam if you study your own religion you may find the truth.
    Listen to Yusuf Estes who is an American preacher from Texas who converted from Christianity to Islam in 1991. He claims to have been a Muslim Chaplain for the United States Bureau of Prisons through the 1990s. Listen to his talks.

    I would suggest you only convert/ revert to Islam if you really want to, for the sake of truth, not just willing to do so: I’m order to marry a Muslim woman; The lady in question can not marry a non Muslim, don’t put her a trial,by converting half heartedly, her marriage to you may not be valid.
    you are right, there’s no such relation as “Godparents”
    Perhaps you can teach your children about Islam & guide them too.once you revert you will not be held responsible for the promise you made to your Christian wife...

    Please do study Quran and seek guidance;
    May Allah guide you.


  4. OP: The lady in question is quite strong in her Islamic beliefs and would fear that unless I convert, there is no way our relationship could ever progress.

  5. You should never make emotional and life altering promises to anybody, because life is unpredictable, and you might not be able to keep up with the big promises you make. Your wife is not here anymore, so you have to think about what's best for your children and for yourself. You don't sound very religious to me when you can be so willing to convert to another religion just to be able to be with a woman you, what does it really matter - to you - if your children are raised strictly Catholic or not? You're clearly not strictly Catholic yourself, and...sorry to say this, but your wife is dead and doesn't really have a say anymore...

    With that said, I would never advise anyone to convert to any religion for formality. Particularly not when children are in the picture. Convert to Islam if you believe in Allah and feel good about raising your children as Muslims...if not, then...the world is full of other single women that could make you and your children happy :).

    • Alhamdulliah, unfortunately brother those are the sacrifices you would have to give, yet your rewards would be beneficial in this life and the next. It is very refreshing to hear about a male revert joining the fold of islam. Islam needs a new Ummah filled with intellectual male reverts with good morals values and understanding. Im sick to death of seeing so called muslim males raping and assaulting children and women the sexual abuse against children is digusting mainly perpetrated by so called born muslims whose parents have brought them up to become animals.
      There is so many good non muslim males who are so close to the fold of islam and too many digusting male born muslims stating they are apart of this religion -A message to the creatures of society who abuse children and women -you have no place in the fold of islam.
      And I applaud these new male reverts joining Islam we need more males who have good morals to become muslims and admonished these other born muslim criminal males who hide behind religion to commit unprecedented crimes.

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