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I hate being attracted to women, and have sworn to Allah that I will never get married

It’s so hard living in this hypersexualized world. There are beautiful women everywhere, yet I can’t be with them.

We want to get physical but our marriage is 3 years away!

My fiancé and I want to become physical but our marriage is 3 years away. Can we do a secret marriage?

What should I do?

I feel like my brain is drunk in his thoughts… I never really liked him more than a friend…

Fitnah of women has devastated my life

All my sabr has been drained…

Repent for talking to a girl

Can anyone of you tell me how to remove my attraction to a girl?

I can’t stop the feelings come back all the time………

I have fell for a boy I’ve known. I try to keep him out of my thoughts but somehow he would always creep back in.

I need help to avoid an illicit relationship

The physical part of my marriage is almost over and slipping into an illicit relationship with this woman is so easy…..

How to get into school and dump a girl

When that girl came to me yesterday she tried to seduce me, but I stopped her from doing so Alhamdullah. She went away saying that I didn’t love her any more just because I don’t want to lose my virginity with her. She promised that she will have sex with me when she comes again.

I need to marry because of fitna, but my parents won’t understand.

Why am I having this test? I cannot control myself anymore. I stop watching porno for a week, then in a day I watch more than 10 times until I feel so tired and dirty. I don’t know what to do. I pray, but it seems Allah does not accept my prayers. I always ask Him to make me forget about the porno, but nothing happens. From the other side, something inside my head tells me: Watching porno is better than you losing your virginity.

Can’t stop myself from masturbation during menstruation

When I have periods, I cannot control myself from masterbating because my mind tells me “at this time you are already impure so you can do it”. Now tell me how to reduce it, because on normal days I can control myself by reminding myself that I have to offer prayer so I should not do this act, but during periods I cannot control myself.