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Repent for talking to a girl


I had actually a crush on a girl in my tution. But I actually used to stay away from her and trusted Allah SWT that he will remove my attraction.But just before 2 days I talked to her for 1 min. the problem is I think that this maybe the first step Of Satan in getting me more attracted to her and getting in a Haraam relationship. Evenly if you would have heard the story of barsisa the same happened to him. Satan slowly got him to get in a Haraam relationship. Can anyone of you tell me how to remove my attraction to a girl?

 Abdul Kareem

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  1. dear brother you say absolutely right that this is the first step from Satan to attraction for girl.leave the tuition and do another work or tuition others except her if you teach her only and there are no tuition here for you then ALLAH is THE GREASTEST He will forgive you if you control yourself and repent sincerely .if tuition is necessary for you then I suggest you make ablution before teach her and and not look at her and not talk with her except study in this way you should keep away from her and make ablution before tuition you can not bear for do sin because you think and feel fear that I am in ablution and can not look at non maheram it is sinful act and plz immediately arrange another tuition if it is possible.

  2. plz help me I log in my profit but cannot see option for writing Like save draft and submit for review option so I cannot post my story I sent my story twice in February but still not publish plz anyone help me.

  3. what are the mandatory action of siyam ?


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