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Token of Love from Me to Zawaj (

Assalam alaikum everyone,

I hope everyone is in pink of health and doing fine. May Allah ease every Muslim's problem...Ameen.

So let me start. I am 26 year old muslim girl. I am an old user of this site. Four years ago, I was a different person. I used to not care about anything. I used to talk with boys, was not understanding, used to judge everyone easily, used to think Allah don't love me and that he hates me (I had submitted my problem regarding this over here and got good advice), was not patient, used to always complain, used to watch porn (rarely), used to have boyfriends, etc. The list goes on...

I committed the grave sin also, which I'm totally ashamed of and regret and ask Allah to forgive me for. Four years ago, I was in a relationship with a non-muslim guy via online was a long distance relationship. We dated for three years and never met, but with him I committed many sins, as I used to think he was the one for me. But alhumdulillah we broke up, and I can't thank Allah enough for this.

When we broke up, I was in depression mode because I was madly in love with that guy. In fact, I tried to commit suicide (may allah forgive me). I cant tell you guys how much it affected me. But then, while I don't remember properly what I was searching on Google (I think "how to commit suicide"), I came to this site called Zawaj! Let me tell you guys that by the grace of God and Zawaj, my whole life transformed. Here I read many questions regarding everything. I saw the pain of Muslims. I saw how everyone is dealing their problems. How everyone including the editor give the solution.

Over here, no one judges each other, and advise each other like it's their own problem. It truly touched my heart. And the best part was that I got to know more about Islam. Slowly I started to change; I started to feel ashamed of my sins. I started to feel blessed that I broke up wit my ex (which was a miracle to me). I deleted all my male friends numbers and cut ties with them. I stopped watching porn. You wont believe that now I don't even remember porn and dont feel like watching it.

Now I am more understanding and less judgmental…I talk more about Islam and I love it. Whenever I am walking somewhere, I recite tasbeeh while walking. It gives me so much satisfaction. Now I am more patient and give thanks to Allah for everything. All in all, I am more into Islam and totally loving it.

Yes I have many sets of problems: I am not married yet, have financial problems, and some personal problems. But the difference is that I totally trust Allah and his plan. I know that whatever he will do, he will do best for me.

The point of writing this post was to thank Zawaj and the editors who work so hard. The people over here who help each other with their problems...and the one who post their problems because sometimes, we also learn something from someone else's problem. Thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for changing my life from worst to best.

Now Zawaj is my second home. I know for sure that if I have any problem, the people over here help me out. Thanks to Allah for everything...I pray that Allah ease your difficulties and reward you guys for your help. May He grant you Jannah... Ameen.

I can truly say that Zawaj Islamic Answers is a life-changing site. Thank you everyone once again. I will pray that your good work may keep going and people may get benefit from this. Thank you everyone... Jazak Allah.

Sister in Islam

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  1. Thank you dear sister for this message. I appreciate it very much, and I know the other editors to as well. May Allah bless you, keep you safe and keep you on the path of guidance.

    Wael Editor

  2. Asalamualaykum Sister!

    I am so glad that the site has affected you and helped you in a positive way.. It does indeed sound like you have fresh new mindset following your repentance, and I pray that Allah continue to bless you out of his mercy and abundance. I also think your dua for us was answered, as Allah has "eased" some of my own difficulties thank you much and alhumdulillah for that. 🙂



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