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I am nothing without her



My story is quite different. Recently I had a break-up with my girlfriend. I've dated girls before, but this time I am that much into her to marry her. For that, I worked hard, But the days were gone, and I hurt her that much.

She gave a lot of effort. When she left me, I just realized that I am nothing without her. I never intentionally hurt her but after all of that when she left me, I just realized how many mistakes I did in this relationship. She never looked back and distract herself with another person.

I started to feel anxiety attacks daily, I always do prayer and strongly telling about my mistakes. I need another chance to get her back. I'm never gonna hurt her even a little bit. I know this was the best relationship in my whole life. Allah just gave me an angel and I lost her.

Now I hallucinate things...when I close my eyes, I talk with her, and then after a certain period, she vanishes. She hates me that much. She blocked me from everywhere. I want to marry her with good intentions.

I tried all the Duas, but she just goes farther away. She doesn't even want to see my face. I never can love any other person even if I want to. I want to love her so much that she would love me always. She did a lot of sacrifices for me. I have just the intention to marry her and lead a happy life with her. Is there any way I could bring her back to my life and marry her? I lost everything after she go away.


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  1. Ridnan

    I would request to you to do the following which will guarantee to have the person you wish to marry back in your life to marry her and make a halal relationship or have someone else so much better than her come into your life in such a miraculous way that you are eternally grateful. However, you must have patience and not give up or get annoyed that your prayer is not working.

    This is fully halal and tried and tested only if you have full faith and do not give up on yourself and on the Almighty. Remember He has no obligation towards you apart from His immense love for you as your Creator, more than you love that girl and more than anyone could ever love you.

    Follow with precision and with a feeling of absolute gratitude ie be thankful to Allah for allowing you to experience the truth of deen and taste the beauty of hope in your Creator who is also the Creator of that girl's heart too.

    1. Read your 5 daily salah on time including tahajjud prayer.
    2. In each prayer be grateful and appreciate Allah and all of His favours upon you.
    3. In each dua read Durud Shareef before and after. After Salah seek forgiveness in your dua for your sins, express gratitude and praise Allah for all that He has bestowed upon you and all that He WILL bestow upon you in future.
    4. Make dua with conviction knowing He will grant you your dua.
    5. Fulfill your duties to your parents and all those who have rights over you. Earn halal, consume, dress halal, lower your gaze etc
    6. Here is the catch:
    -Read Surah Al Furqan daily and ask Allah;
    To forgive your sins and those of all Muslims including hers.
    Make firm intention to never go back to sins.
    Make firm intention to remain on path of deen.
    Ask Allah to bring her back to you if she is good for your worldly life and your Hereafter, if not, proclaim to Allah that you trust Him so much that you will be prepared to have someone else better than her who will sooth your pain and hurt whom Allah sends your way purely for you and the dua you have made.
    7. After you have made dua believe it has been accepted. Allah accepts every dua coming from a sincere heart.
    8. Keep doing this daily till your dua is accepted.

    Guaranteed success.

    Have strong faith. Keep me updated on here and please remember me in your duas my brother.

    • i just wanted to know on what bases you say its a granteed method.... like any hadith or quranic verse you can quote to support this or is this from some sort of wazifa....

      • Asalamualaykum Brother,

        With the exception of a few points, what she has basically described is the Istikhara (Dua where he is told to ask Allah to grant him this life partner OR someone who is better for him, and make him content with that.


  2. oh okay thanks sis,
    may ALLAH BLESS... You....i am kinda thinking of the same dilemaa....i am a bit lost inbetween and all.....

    • Asalamualaykum Mr. Rahman,

      You are most welcome. If you want to elaborate on what is concerning you, you may submit your question to get advice and feedback, Inshallah.


      • where can i submit it here? i cant seem to register on this site...

        • Asalamualaykum Brother,

          Sorry about the delay. You first need to Register at the tab in the blue menu atop this page. After that, find the tab for "Submit your Question." Please let us know if you have any problems.



  3. Brother go and met her, and tell her everything you posted here and give her time to think dont take any answer at that time, even if she disagree dont react still guve her time to think ,show her your good intentions and your loyality, if she loves you he will definitely give you a chance, just let her decide, and if she don't agree , acept it and move on, this is the only solution you have things which are abvios you cant change ,
    Just accept it in both ways if she agrees or not , in the end you cant force any human to stay with you, if she is not happy with you, she has right to be happy in life and you has right to b happy in your life

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