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I recently read the word Muhaimin in my copy of Quran surah 5. Al Maidah (V.5:48)and fell in love with both the meaning and sound of it.

The quranic translation gave meaning as (spelled this way) muhaymin( trustworthy in highness and a witness) and a footnote for transliteration on the bottom of the page mentioned spellings ‘muhaimin’ with meaning “that which testifies the truth that is therein and falsifies the falsehood that is added therein.”
I searched online and could not find if it is allowed to use Muhaimin as it is for a childs name without adding anything like abdul or amatul as some sites mentioned Al-Muhaimin being one of Allahs names, some of which cannot be used by us to name ourselves etc .

Can I name my son Muhaimin <insert fathers name> without adding Abdul etc as a prefix to Muhaimin? Is it allowed for this particular name in Islam ? What do you suggest?

This is the translation of attached verse 48 from surah Al-Maidah
48. And we have sent down to you O Muhammad (S.A.W) the book( this Quran) in truth, confirming the scripture that came before it and Muhaymin (trustworthy in highness and a witness) over it ( old scriptures)1.

The 1 denotes a footnote which explained Muhaimin meaning as I mentioned above and as included in the google books link of Quran.

I also tried to research the name online and among others, this article explained the attribute of Allah, Al-Muhaimin. Before this, I had no knowledge it was Allahs attribute. I am still confused about whether it is acceptable to use it, where else it is mentioned in the Quran, and is the quranic meaning same as the attributes meaning..


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  1. Assalaamualaykum Muhammad,

    I see why you want to name your son that, as it is a beautiful name indeed! Unfortunately, I don't have an exact answer for you but I can say that if you haven't been able to find anything on the internet about it, you might want to consult with an imam in your local area or contact a sheikh over the internet. It sounds like there isn't much of a precedence for this name at the very least, and in Islam, we are advised to steer clear of matters that are doubtful.

    And Allah knows best,



  2. Brother Muhammad,

    Sorry-- I meant there isn't much of a "precedent" for this name... not "precedence."



  3. Brother,

    One final thing that I think you should consider is that even if the name is lawful as per your Iman's advice, the meaning of the name may be a lot for your child to live up to considering it is not his choice to be named that! I just wouldn't want the child to feel pressured or his characteristics to be compared to or pale in comparison to his name (even if your child is relatively truthful as we should be) as it could become a subject of mockery by others who are not so nice. It's possible that people have steered away from that name for that reason.

    And Allah knows best,


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