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Totally in love with non-Muslim man, what is the solution?

love drugs addictionasalamwalaikum. I’m Muslim. I met this guy over a year ago and we’ve been together. When the topic of religion came up we realised we had to break up because he was Christian and I’m a Muslim girl. A Muslim girl can’t marry a non Muslim man.

My heart aches. I cry every day. I don’t get up in the morning. I’m so depressed I wish I was dead. Please can you advise me something. Ever since we broke up I’ve been doing dua for Allah to show him the right path of Islam but the problem is I’m impatient and I hate that about myself. I pray 5 times a day. I see signs everywhere (that me and him should be together). It’s sounds so crazy. My mother knows all of this.

There’s really no solution for me and I feel like my whole world is falling apart. I don’t want to find anyone else because they’re not him and that kills me. Please help me find a way. There must be a way. Help me help me please I’m so desperate.

thank you, may Allah bless you.

- sasa

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  1. As-salamu alaykum sister. If the man loves you enough, and truly wants to be with you, he can convert to Islam. Otherwise there is NO solution except to end this relationship. You already know this. Your mistake was getting into this relationship in the first place, knowing that nothing good could come from it, because you cannot marry him. You have to cut it off completely. No contact, no phone calls, no text, no Facebook.

    The signs you think you see are only wishful thinking. You see them because you want to.

    I understand that ending the relationship will be difficult and painful for you. It's just something you will have to go through. You will recover emotionally in time. It might take a while. But time is the only cure.

    Wael Editor

  2. Asalamualaykum Sister Sasa,

    Give a copy of the Quran translated in English to the brother. Very easy-to-read versions are available on Amazon. If you have any grade-school level books on prayer, give that to him too. Tell him the God that created him is the same God that created you, as he will discover in the reading materials. Give him time and see if he comes around.



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